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Fly the Legendary
 Stearman Biplane

Experience the thrill and beauty of flying this 1943 Stearman open cockpit  biplane. The Stearman N89X and Owner, Instructor Pilot Tom Murray are available for in depth check outs or single flights for personal amazement.


Our Stearman N89X was manufactured by Boeing Aircraft, Stearman division, for the United States Navy in 1943. One of 525 N2-S4ís, this aircraft was accepted by Franklin Fishburn, Army Air Force inspector, and flown to Ottumwa NAS and later transferred to NAS Glenview Ill.
During the course of itís Naval Career it introduced numerous cadets to Naval Aviation. These fledgling aviators would learn basic airmanship, formation flying and primary aerobatics in these wonderful airplanes. The cadets nicknamed their trainers Yellow Perils,  capturing both the Navyís fondness for painting their trainers yellow and their apprehension for upcoming check rides.  In 1945 this aircraft was transferred to storage in Dallas Texas and ultimately sold off into private ownership.  Unlike the vast majority of Stearman biplanes, N89X never suffered the hardship employment as a crop duster.

Today this plane is once again available to experience open cockpit flying in beautiful seacoast New Hampshire.

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Top Fun Aviation LLC is located at in Hampton Airfield (7B3) Coastal New Hampshire, approximately 1 hour north of Boston Mass. on  Rte 1  in North Hampton N.H. Stearman biplane operations are also conducted out of Plum Island Airport (2B2) in Newburyport, Mass.

About the Pilot

Tom is a commercial, multi engine pilot and flight instructor specializing in antique and tailwheel aircraft. He has been flying since 1986, during this time he has flown a diverse variety of aircraft types and models ranging from the Grumman Goose to a Fokker Triplane. 

In addition to Tomís flying experience he has developed an extensive interest and knowledge of antique aircraft construction and maintenance. Tom recently completed an extensive ground up restoration of a 1929 Fleet Model 2 Biplane in 2002. Prior to that he built and flew a Starduster 2, an experimental biplane, in 1996.

Member of:
 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
 Experimental Aircraft Association
 National Association of Flight Instructors

Tom is available to consult on aircraft  acquisition, restoration and parts.


N2-S4  Fun FactsÖ

  • Boeing model 75N, Open Cockpit 2 place biplane
  • Weight empty - 2070lbs
  • Engine - 220hp, 670 cubic inch radial engine.
  • Crew - 2, 1 instructor pilot and 1 cadet pilot
  • Cruising speed - 95mph @ 1900rpm
  • Stall speed varies on loading approx 55mph
  • Fuel - 46 gallons min octane 73. Oil: 4.3 gallons

    Top Fun Aviation
    Tom M


    North Hampton, N.H.